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Special conveyors

Complete conveyor available in high-grade steel! 

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If you have a conveying application that standard conveyors are unable to handle, we will gladly develop a customized conveyor with you for transporting packaged or bulk materials

Come benefit from the experience we have gathered manufacturing over 15,000 conveyors. These include customized conveyor systems in all shapes and sizes. We designed, developed and manufactured each one in-house.

Because we service our own products, we have over 30 years experience with their daily applications. This experience continuously bolsters our product support and the development of new products.

Using our extensive system design process, we can develop special features that integrate into the conveyor systems.

For example:
      - Separation of liquids and conveyed materials
      - Separation of magnetic from 
        non-magnetic materials
      - Drying
      - Heating and cooling process
      - Extractions
      - Dosing
      - Transport of heavy loads

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