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MBFO troughed belt filter

Complete troughed belt filter available in high-grade steel!

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• Filter aid-free separation of solids from

  low-viscosity liquids in individual units and
  smaller central units
• Cleaning of liquids without filter aids

  = No hazardous waste
• Filter capacity depends on size, application area
  and filter sieve in use: up to 900 l/min per
  filter module

Application areas  

• Quenching and cooling agents
• Demineralized water
• Suds
• Cooling lubricant
• Low-viscosity oils with a max. viscosity

of 60 mm2/s
• Flaked suspensions


• Cleaning of liquids on a space-saving unit
No aids = no hazardous waste
• Filtering of all types of liquids depending on the
  sieve in use with front-end filter unit
  (filter sieve without filter cake)
  from 30µm, 55µm or 100µm.
  Depending on the application, the filter unit
  is considerably improved by the filter cake
  that forms!
• By moving the endless filter band, the filter
  sieve has high
self-cleaning properties,

  which prevents the sieve from clogging
• The special filter sieve and filter design
  provide optimal requirements for

  filter cake development
• The dirty filter band rinsing liquid resulting
  from cleaning the filter band is cleaned in
  a closed circuit system
– without interrupting
  the filter system supply
Potential leakages from the filtration room
  are automatically fed to the circuit system
therefore cannot enter the
  clean liquid container
• Includes an extra steady sludge discharge
• Filter units used to clean aggressive
  liquids are manufactured entirely in
  high-grade steel
• Generally equipped with
high-grade steel
  filter bands

• Proven for years in fully-automated central

  filter units.


• Electric control 
• In order to meet today’s strict environmental
  regulations (e.g., § 19 German Water Resources

  Act (WHG), the container is available in a double-
  walled design for use in hazardous liquids
Mixing stations
• Lifting stations
Tramp oil separator and Skimmer
• Cooling, heating
To retrofit existing gravity band filters with mat
  on the MBFO flatbed band filter without filter
  mat, a standard retrofit kit is available
Sludge container, Container  

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