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Lamella separator

Complete lamella separator available in high-grade steel!

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Filter aid-free separation of solids from
  low-viscosity liquids in individual units and
  smaller central units
• Separation of floating liquids (e.g. tramp oils)
  from liquids resembling water
• Pre-separation for fine filter downstream
  or connected in the bypass

Application areas  

Quenching and cooling agents
• Demineralized water
• Suds
• Cooling lubricant
• Low-viscosity oils with a max. viscosity
  of 30 mm2/s
• Flaked suspensions
• Low-viscosity sludge


Cleaning of liquids without filter aids =
  no hazardous waste
• Economically achievable
effective separating
  sizes for particles of any shape 20-30µm
  special cases up to 10µm)
• The optimal
mechanical lamella purification
is selected based on the application
• The installed sludge discharge scraper
  ensures a consistent sediment
  requirement and eliminates the need for 
  costly cleaning of the container.
• The lamella separator is not dependent on
  the development of filter cake
Lamella separators in the central unit with the
  associated pumps, mixing stations and units
  can be delivered as one complete unit in
  most cases. The
  in-house assembly costs are thereby drastically
To clean aggressive liquids, the complete
  lamella separator and be safety tank can be 
  manufactured in
high-grade steel

Optional sizes up to:
Liquid throughput of 5 to 5000 l/min
Volumetric capacity up to 100 m3


• Electric control 
Tramp oil separation utilizing the
  outstanding liquid abatement process
• In order to meet today’s strict environmental
  regulations (e.g., § 19 German Water Resources

  Act (WHG), the lamella separator is available in a
  double-walled design for use in hazardous liquids
Mixing stations
• Downstream or connect in the bypass
  Fine filter
• Sludge transport and drying


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