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MBF troughed belt filter

Complete troughed belt filter available in high-grade steel!

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• Separation of solids from liquids
• Filtration of solids with filter aids

Application areas 

• Quenching and cooling agents
• Demineralized water
• Suds
• Cooling lubricant
• Flaked suspensions


• Variable medium filter unit (separating size) based
  on which filter mat type is selected

• Separating sizes under 10µm possible in some

• Filter capacity up to 1500 l/min per filter module,
  depending on size, application area and filter mat
  in use

• Cleaning of small and large quantities of liquid
  on a space-saving unit

• Includes a special switch that considerably   
  reduces filter mat consumption

Higher-than-average level gauge enables an
  exceptionally favorable development of filter cake
  and optimal use of the filter mat

• Contaminated liquid is fed into the filter’s apex via
  a radius distributor.
The distributor shape facilitates
  equal liquid and contaminant distribution over the
  entire width

• Includes an extra steady sludge discharge
• Can also be used for flaked suspensions due to
  the gentle treatment of flakes

• Includes special attachment, which also conveys
the filter sludge out of the filter trough over the
  vertical filter wall up to the filter belt’s incline
  without allowing it to fall back into the filter trough

• Guarantees reliable filtering of materials that do 
  not facilitate the active development of sludge cake

• Indicates in advance when filter mat needs

• Can be retrofitted with a mat reel to separate the
  filter cake from the filter mat.

  The filter mat is rolled up and the sludge is
  deposited in a container as reusable scrap

• The use of a mat reel considerably reduces the
  quantity of hazardous waste

• Filter units used to clean aggressive liquids are
  manufactured completely in high-grade steel.

• Proven for years in fully-automated centralized and
  decentralized filter units


• Electric control 
• Mat reel

Magnetic roller filter as pre-separator
Mixing stations
Lifting stations
Tramp oil separation via skimmer
• Cooling, heating
Sludge container, Container  
• In order to meet today’s strict environmental  
  regulations (e.g., § 19 German Water Resources

  Act (WHG), the container is available in a double-
  walled design for use in hazardous liquids

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