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Filter mat

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The filter mat used in the filter units is the most important factor influencing the over function of the unit.

The filter mat can affect the following factors:
      - Component service life (e.g., pumps,
        spindles, etc.)
      - Process security (e.g., prevention of
        nozzle clogging, or 
        concentrations, container sediments,
        relieving downstream filters, etc.)

We can offer you the optimal filter mat for the widest variety of applications.

We need the following information to select the right filter mat:
      - Medium (alkaline, acid, emulsion, oils, etc.)
      - Type of solid (e.g., processed material,
        sludge, etc.)
      - Solid quantity per unit of time
      - Liquid quantity
      - Filter specifications (type,
        year of manufacture, machine no., etc.)
      - Sludge accumulation process (e.g.
        flocculation, machining, grinding, etc.)

Do you already have experiences with other mat types? Please submit this information and we will help you optimize your unit! Images (DIN A4) of the unit’s conditions and mat tests (clean or dirty) would be very helpful.

Application area:
      - BF gravity band filter
      - MBF troughed belt filter

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