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Central initial filling and refilling units

Complete units available in high-grade steel!

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• Mixing
     - Cooling lubricants
       (emulsion, solvents)
     - Suds
     - Quenching liquids
     - Process liquids
• Partial or fully automated initial fill and
  refill of
     - Machine-related units
     - Central units

Application areas 

• Machining industry
• Boring, turning and milling machines
• Grinding machines
• Hardening facilities
• Chemical industry
• Plastics processing
• Paper industry


• Standard mixing units are designed for
     - Mixing capacities:1500/ 3000/ 6000/ 12000 l/h
     - Stirring concentrations up to 15%
• Standard mixing units operated according to the
  Venturi Principle
• Water protection through integrated pipe
  disconnector acc. to DIN 1988
• Higher protection acc. to the Water Resources Act
• Standard mixing units available for demineralized
• Robust and customized
  high-quality design


• Special mixing unit models for
     - Higher concentrate viscosities
     - Higher stirring concentrations
     - Multi-component mixing units
     - With positive-displacement pumps
• Mobile mixing units
Float switches
• Valves, fittings
• Electric control acc. to WHG
• Concentrate container fill level monitor
• Safety tank acc. to WHG for buffer and
  concentrate container
• Cooling and heating

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