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Disk and band skimmer

Complete skimmer available in stainless steel! 

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Suspensions and tramp oils can cause the following problems in watery liquids:

• Impede aeration
• Provide base for bacteria and fungus growth
• Increase machine contamination
• Develop odors
• Reduce liquid service life
• Reduce process safety
For example,
     - Reduce filter capacity
     - Poorer cooling and lubrication properties
     - Reduce tool service life
     - Reduce workpiece surface quality
• Hygiene and toxic hazard to

Use of continuous or discontinuous removal of suspensions, e.g.,

• Oils (e.g., leakages, flat bed oils)
• Creamings
• Floating ultrafine particles (e.g. graphite)
• Brush hairs
• Grease

Application areas 

• Water
• Cooling lubricants
• Washers
• Industrial waste water
• Galvanic degreasing bath


• Disk skimmer with high-grade steel disk up to
  1000 mm in diameter
• Belt skimmer with plastic belt up to
  1000 mm in width and an immersion depth of
  max. 1700 mm
• Slow-speed in order to keep water or
  emulsion discharge to a minimum
• Low-maintenance and wear-resistant


• Electric control 
• Speed control via frequency converter
Sludge container
• Safety tanks for tramp oil vats (200l, 1000l)


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