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SB sedimentation container

Complete sedimentation container available in high-grade steel!

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• To collect contaminated liquids
  with automatic container cleaning
• For filter-aid free separation of solids 
  from liquids in individual or central units
To pre-separate coarse contaminants to relieve
  the downstream filter steps
• Main container in central units, supply and
  disposal units as a downstream cleaning

Application areas

• Quenching and cooling agents
• Demineralized water
• Suds
• Cooling lubricant
• Oils
• Flaked suspensions


• Sediment risk is low due to vertical container
• An installed sludge discharge scraper
  ensures a consistent sediment
  requirement and eliminates the need for 
  costly cleaning of the container.
• The electric sludge discharge scraper control
  ensure sludge discharge is mostly dry. Using a
  specially designed
stripper, a permissible sludge
  discharge is achieved
• Individually installed baffle plates benefit the
  sedimentation process
• Several, even double-walled sedimentation
  containers can be connected to each other
  for communication purposes Upon request, the
  connection can be designed to open and close
  using a motor.
• This process of solid/liquid separation
  protects fluids and can, therefore, be used
  for flaked suspensions.
• Proven for years in fully-automated central
  filter units.
• Extremely wear-resistant special models
• Models for extremely high solid content

Optional sizes

• Liquid capacity throughput up to 15000 l/min
• Volumetric capacity up to 100 m3

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