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Slat-band chain conveyor

Complete conveyor available in high-grade steel!

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• Transporting
      - Universally short and long abrasive
        metal chips to chip fiber bundles
      - Stamped parts or sheet metal waste
      - Scrap
      - Cold and red hot forged parts
      - Heavy cast parts
      - Packaged materials and parts
      - Garbage and other waste
• Separating liquids from the conveyed materials
• Emptying bins
• Feeding
      - Crushers
      - Ovens
      - Presses
• Distributing packaged or bulk materials to
  Container, Bunker or Silos 

Application areas  

• Boring, turning and milling machines
• Stamping and nibbling machines
• Laser and plasma cutting machines
• Gate cutting machines
• Forging presses
• Peeling machines
• Scrap reclamation
• Quenching bath units (e.g., salt bath, oil bath)
• Wetting and impregnating bath units


• Robust and customized
  high-quality design
• Slat-band axle design made of precision tubes
• Slat bands welded (not rolled)
• Use of wear-resistant materials
• Up to 3000 mm conveyor widths available
• Total lengths up to 65 m available
• Slat-bands with panel thicknesses up
  to 10 mm available
• Perforated slat-bands
• Knopped slat-bands
• Curved slat-bands
• Dual-belt slat-bands
• Models available for inside and outside
  factory buildings
• Highly wear-resistant special designs available!


• Electric control
• Integrated pre-separation

• Incl. pump equipment
• Rotating or rigid brushes
• Swivel slides (motor and manual operation)
Return pump stations with/without crushing
• Container fill level monitors
Filter Technology without Filter aids
Filter Technology with Filter aids

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