RUEZ - Centrifuge unit with batch centrifuges

Complete units available in high-grade steel!

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  • To de-oil and/or dry
    • Metal chips to small chip fiber bundles
    • Parts
    • Bulk materials

Application areas

  • Machining industry
  • Recycling industry


  • Achieve higher scrap hardening due to
    • Systematically clean material separations
    • Extremely low liquid content
  • Recover valuable liquid media (e.g., oils, emulsions, etc.)
  • Achieve drop-free bulk materials transport through the unit
  • Automatically fill and distribute bulk materials to containers, bins or silos
  • The unit handles the dirty and physically demanding and work, freeing personnel for other duties!
  • Reduce the bulk good volume by using crushers
  • The unit can be customized to onsite space requirements!
  • Units are designed for “round-the-clock” operation


  • Continuous clean separation of various bulk or packaged goods.
  • Units available for partial or fully automated operation.
  • Potential to protect parts by reducing the need to pour from one container to another.
  • Customized units optimally integrate into your production process
  • Potential recovery of up to 98% of the liquid media
  • Snarl chips up to a certain size can be centrifuged!
  • A limited number of end pieces can be supported by the centrifuge.
  • Batch centrifuges are available in models for round or square containers!
  • Heavy centrifuge models are not affected by imbalance during startup. In addition, units are available that reduce imbalance!
  • The centrifuges can be equipped with a heating system if extremely viscous oils are involved!
  • Use of highly wear-resistant materials
  • Robust and customized high-quality design
  • Special designs based on automotive regulations available.


Subject to change!