Precoat filter

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  • Ultrafine filtration of liquids
  • Separation of ultrafine particles in pure containers (bath management)

Application areas

  • Grinding
  • Honing
  • Milling
  • Deep-hole drilling
  • Electric discharge machining
  • Oils
  • Synthetic solutions


  • Achievable filter unit: 1-5µm
  • The filter unit can be affected by the precoat thickness!
  • Dry sludge discharge including filter aid without additional sludge preparation
  • Re-precoating of the precoat medium possible
  • Precoat filter module up to a 23m² filter area available
  • The filter can be installed in partially or fully automated units!


  • Automatic precoat medium dosing
  • Return pump stations
  • Pre-separator (e.g., magnetic roller filter)
  • Cooling, heating
  • Sludge container
  • In order to meet today’s strict environmental regulations (e.g., § 19 German Water Resources Act (WHG), the container is available in a double-walled design for use in hazardous liquids


Subject to change!