RUEZ - Hydrocyclone filter unit

Complete Hydrocyclone filter unit available in high-grade steel!

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  • Cleaning and separating of settling dirt particles made of low-viscosity liquids

Application areas

  • Grinding machines and machine tools. Machining centers, transfer lines and other units
  • Dirty liquid viscosity
    1.2° E at +20°C
    Dirt particle volume max. 2 g/l
    Dirt particle thickness min. 2 g/cm³


  • Reliable liquid cleaning
  • Low operating costs
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Applicable for magnetic and nonmagnetic particles
  • Simple mode of operation makes unit reliable
  • Long liquid service life due to constant aeration
  • Automatic discharge of settled dirt particles possible with sludge scraper


  • Electric control
  • Sedimentation container with and without discharge scraper
  • Distributor for cyclone batteries
  • Sludge preparation with
    • Magnetic roller filter
    • BF gravity band filter or MBF troughed belt filter
    • BFO flat-bed band filter or MBFO troughed band filter
    • Sludge container with drainage


Subject to change!