RUEZ - Magnetic roller filter

Complete magnetic roller filter available in high-grade steel!

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  • Filter aid-free cleaning of liquids with impurities (solid/liquid separation)
  • Pre-separations for downstream filter systems to reduce the consumption of filter aids
  • Separation of fine ferromagnetic particles in pure containers (bath maintenance)

Application areas

  • Quenching and cooling agents
  • Suds
  • Cooling lubricant
  • Oils


  • The housing comes standard made of a corrosion-resistant high-grade steel design
  • The separating power can be optimized for particular cases because the separating gap is adjustable
  • Liquid discharge can be minimized using the stripping plate’s tilt adjustment between baffle plate and the magnetic roller.


  • Sludge container
  • Complete cleaning unit with containers, pumps, safety tanks, mixing stations, etc.
  • Electric control


Subject to change!