RUEZ - Rinsing and flume channels

Complete rinsing and flume channels available in high-grade steel!

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  • Conveying
    • Liquid-bulk material mixtures
    • Watery liquids
    • Low-viscosity oils
  • Tempering of bulk materials
  • Separation of floating bulk materials

Application areas

  • Boring, turning, milling, grinding and honing machines
  • Foundries
  • Hardening facilities
  • Recycling and environmental engineering
  • Plastics industry
  • Metal working industry
  • Automotive industry


  • Conveying capacities up to 15000 l/min
  • Use of wear-resistant materials
  • Complete channels available in high-grade steel
  • Channel systems are EDP-supported!
  • Channel systems are dimensioned acc. to available rinsing system pressure
  • vailable designs:
    • Semicircular channels
    • Square channels
    • Open channels
    • Special designs


  • Intermediate rinsing stations
  • Return pump stations
  • Pre-separator
  • Crusher
  • Filter Technology without Filter aids
  • Filter Technology with Filter aids


Subject to change!