RUEZ - Scraper conveyor

Complete conveyor available in high-grade steel!

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  • Transporting
    • Universally short abrasive metal chips to chip fiber bundles
    • Small stamped parts or sheet metal waste
    • Sludge (special design)
    • Ash
    • Small parts
    • Wood chips
    • Plastic waste
    • Sand (special design)
  • Separating liquids from the conveyed materials up to 15000 l/min
  • Pre-separation before filtering
  • Distribution of packaged or bulk materials to Containers, bins or silos

Application areas

  • Boring, turning and milling machines
  • Deburring machines
  • Stamping and nibbling machines
  • Gate cutting machines
  • Grinding machines
  • Forging presses
  • Water-jet cutting machines
  • Washing and degreasing units
  • Quenching units
  • Timber industry


  • Robust and customized high-quality design
  • Use of wear-resistant materials
  • Up to 3000 mm conveyor widths available
  • Total lengths up to 65 m available
  • Special designs based on automotive regulations available
  • Models available for inside and outside factory buildings
  • Elevator designs available
  • Highly wear-resistant special designs available!


  • Electric control
  • Integrated pre-separation
  • Magnetic/non-magnetic material separation
  • Return pump stations with/without crushing
  • Dry suction models
  • Container fill level monitor
  • Filter Technology without Filter aids
  • Filter Technology with Filter aids
  • Container
  • Swivel slides (motor and manual operation)


Subject to change!