RUEZ - Sound enclosures

Sound enclosures available in high-grade steel!

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As experienced manufacturers, we minimize noise right from the start. If the specified sound pressure level is not reached there, we then employ secondary sound installation measures (e.g., sound enclosures or casings)!


  • Independent sound enclosure
  • Sound enclosures integrated into unit components or units
  • Partial or complete casing


  • Window
  • Hinged and sliding doors
  • Removable components for maintenance
  • Forced-air cooling
  • Mobile design
  • Detachable design
  • Sound ranging

Application areas

  • Hydraulic units
  • Return pump stations
  • Filter units
  • Pressure boosting stations
  • Feeding and discharging to conveying systems and units
  • Crushers


  • The inner lining is customized to the frequency spectrum and the requested sound pressure level
  • The inner lining is made of nonflammable materials!
  • Complete unit available in high-grade steel!


Subject to change!